Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hevesi shows New Yorkers, Spitzer’s true colors:

As of this morning Elliot Spitzer has still not called for the resignation of Alan Hevesi despite the states Ethic Commission finding that he violated state law.

In an article by the New York Sun this morning a Spitzer source tells the paper that Elliot has not called for his resignation in fear that doing so would hand the election of comptroller over to Hevesi’s Republican challenger Chris Callaghan.

New Yorkers should be disappointed that Elliot Spitzer so far has decided to choose party loyalty over doing the right thing for the people he plans on representing. Everyday that Spitzer chooses to not go after Hevesi is another day that New Yorkers must now question how can he follow through on his pledge to reform the state when the state is represented by the same Democrats he’s looking to protect.

Any New Yorker upset over President Bush’s blind defense of Donald Rumsfeld should not sing a different tune when it comes to Spitzer and Hevesi. Though the Hevesi problem doesn’t involve a war it does show that party politics is not only restricted to Republicans.

Spitzer has been given a chance to prove to New Yorkers that he wants to reform Albany and that it won’t be New York Democrat power politics as usual. So far he’s failing.

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