Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Economist Gives Me Hope

Two articles in the latest edition of The Economist this agnostic, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-god-in-public schools Republican found uplifting:

The Economist’s Lexington column this week muses on the myth of the conservative Christian values voter – among his points: terrorism and Iraq were of concern to more voters than values, some conservative Christian demographics are more likely to vote Democrat and 22% of conservative Christians are pro-choice.

Another article in this week’s Economist cites a Cato Institute study that argues libertarians may form the largest block of swing voters and may have the potential to bring victory to either party – but neither party is pursuing them because “Republicans are rallying their religious base with jeremiads about stem-cell research and gay marriage. Democrats, on the other hand, would put up taxes, block school choice and lead a witch-hunt against Wal-Mart.”

Forget the Evangelicals – let’s target the libertarians!

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