Wednesday, November 29, 2006

At some point it’s not just President Bush’s fault:

As the sectarian violence spreads in Iraq and thousands of Iraqis continue to die, at some point America can no longer take all the blame.

If we think what our initial mission in Iraq was, its purpose was to liberate the country from the hands of Saddam Hussein. The world knew he was a threat who lost the benefit of the doubt a long time ago. It’s safe to say based on his history that at some point the world was going to have to deal with either him or his sons and it was better to do it on our time.

The administration and our allies believed that the Iraqi’s were responsible people, who when given the opportunity would sit down and form a government. If the administration should be blamed for anything, it’s for having too much faith in the Iraqi people.

Will we be able to stabilize Iraq? I doubt it. Stabilization will only come after Iraqi’s have purged their desire for sectarian control. Back in 1861 America gone through its own purging that didn’t end until 650,000 Americans were dead. In the end America ended up for the better. Maybe it’s time for us to just let the Iraqi’s have at it and hope the better side wins.

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