Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Republicans doing well in House recounts

Vern Buchanan, a Florida Republican saddled with defending the House seat vacated by Katherine Harris, was declared the winner of the super-close race in that district. Naturally, his Democratic opponent, Christine Jennings, just can't believe she actually lost to a Republican, and has decided to sue in court for a new election. She claims there was a major malfunction in the voting machines used on Election Day. Her proof: a Republican won!

In other too-close-to-call House races, Republican incumbents hold the advantage:

New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson is ahead in an unofficial tally, edging out her opponent by 879 votes.

Ohio Rep. Jean Schmidt has a 2,800-vote lead, but 9,000 absentee ballots remain to be counted.

Also in Ohio, embattled Rep. Deborah Pryce is ahead of her opponent by more than 3,500 votes, with about 19,000 ballots still to be counted.

In North Carolina, Rep. Robin Hayes holds a razor-thin 339 vote lead against Democrat Larry Kissell.

These races can still go either way. And their outcome will have no effect on the Democrat's majority in the House, but I don't care. I'm going to take my consolation wherever I can find it.

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