Monday, November 20, 2006

School Corruption?

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An Election Year Education Miracle

Education expert Sol Stern takes a look in the latest issue of City Journal at the magic jump in test scores at PS 33 in New York, a school in one of the poorest parts of the Bronx, where 100% of the students qualify for free lunch, which last year had an unheard of 50 percent election year jump in reading scores. While the mayor held a press conference at the school to tout the incredible gains, he's been unable to explain what he called an "historic" and "record-breaking" improvement.

And this year, the same students have suffered an equally historic collapse–of the 87% of last year's fourth graders who read at or above grade level, only 47.5% have managed to achieve the same standard as fifth graders.

Principal Elba Lopez isn't around to explain—after collecting a $15,000 bonus for her incredible work last year, she promptly retired, having boosted her pension by some $12,000 a year for life.

It's time for an explanation and an investigation; we'll see if either is forthcoming.

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