Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stuck between a rock and a Sharpton

My personal feelings on Mayor Bloomberg is that he has always been one of the few in politics that do it mostly because they believe they can better the world. Weather it be trans fats, the smoking ban, or gun control, you can't necessarily tie his attention to those issues to a particular special interest group bribing him with their political weight.

However, the racial flames blowing from this weekend might be just to hot for his kitchen. While trying to not ignite Sharpton & Co., he decided it would be better to cower to, and appease them. First, without investigation, he says that the shots fired seemed "excessive". Then, he actually had the nerve to say that he expects the trial to be in Queens. I am sorry Mr. Bloomberg, but nobody has been indicted yet! The way he has handled this has been disgraceful up to this point. I am not saying he should have cleanly let the cops off the hook. He could have easily said that the incident was a tragedy and called for a thorough investigation without showing bias or inflaming tensions.

Finally, he had the nerve to say that he made his "excessive" comment as a citizen and not as an official. Hmmm, would any citizen be able to get up to a podium with a dozen lawmakers standing behind him and every local media outlet drooling for each word that drops from his mouth? NO!

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg needs to go back to his mansion in the Bahamas and think to himself; WWRD.

--What Would Rudy Do?--

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