Tuesday, December 12, 2006

As I did my Christmas toy shopping, I thanked China:

This past Sunday I took part in my yearly ritual of spending a couple hours in Toys R Us purchasing Christmas presents for my son, nephews and nieces. Toy shopping for the children is my job and for the adults, my wife.

As I pushed my shopping kart through the store I dumped in everything, board games, Barbie’s, GI Joes, Superheroes, Lego’s and more. Part of the reason I was able to load up my kart was that it seemed everything I picked up only cost between $5 & $20. Operation a game that goes back to when I was a kid cost me only $8. $8! When I was a kid the game not only cost more but also my parents were making a fraction of what my wife and I make today.

Today America’s trade deficit for the month of October declined to $58.9 billion, it lowest level in over a year. Despite the decline our trade deficit with China increased to $24.4 billion because of large shipments of Christmas items including toys. As Senator Schumer and other Democrats attack China, I walked through the store on Sunday thanking China for making it possible to consume double then what I would have if those items were made in America.

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