Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Not Smart

Lastnight on HBO Demand I was watching a comedy benefit called "Comic Relief" that would help Hurrican Katrina survivors. From what they were saying it seemed as if it was taped a couple weeks ago.

Anyways, they had the usual suspects such as Rosie O'Donell and Bill Maher, etc. bashing Republicans. At one point O'Donell looks into the cameras flips the bird as if to say "F*ck Republicans". My first thought was how many people watching that must be thinking "Ok, F*ck Republicans? Well F*ck my donation!".

Now I have no clue how much they raised but to me it just doesn't seem like such a smart strategy when you're a charity and you're bashing such a large group of people. I know the only reason people think Odonell is funny anymore is because she bashes the GOP and Bill Maher seems to only have a career because of that but couldn't they have picked a different lineup? If they wanted racy, on the edge comedy, there is an abundance of comis out there that could be just as funny, and not single out one group of people. If their goal was to bash Republicans they could have easily had someone like Jay Leno who to me is always telling political jokes but he gives to both sides. He also doesn't villify an entire group of people and will just go after the politician themselves.

Obviously, they have their choice to bash whoever they want, but to me it just doesn't seem smart to take out a whole group of people.

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