Monday, December 04, 2006

Can Hillary Clinton be our next President?

It seems one of the main stories coming out of the weekend, is whether or not Hillary Clinton can be elected President if given the Democrat nomination.

Though I don’t think she could win I don’t think Republicans should underestimate her or get excited over her nomination should it occur.

Though New York voters aren’t the brightest bulbs when it comes to voting, you still can’t take away the success Hillary has had in making New Yorkers believe that she cares about them instead of just using them as a stepping-stone.

The strategy her Republican opponent will have to look out for is the sympathy machine that she’ll rollout with the help of the overwhelming Liberal media. You can already envision the articles talking about how she can never win because she’s a woman, with the goal being to shame American’s into proving them wrong. They’ll make it a male vs. female event looking to get moderate and independent female voters to feel that women not Hillary is being attacked. This would increase her chances immensely and possibly tilt the election in her favor as women who are undecided or usually don’t vote come out to vote for Hillary because they feel they’re being part of an historical event.