Thursday, December 28, 2006


Today I thought I would comment on the charade that is Newsweek. Though it’s not a revolutionary idea to claim Newsweek contains a hard left bias, it should from time to time be pointed out. I regularly frequent their website to remind myself just how bad they are and this week they really have outdone themselves.

First you have to love the cover with Hillary and Obama. They made sure to pick two great photos to make them both look like the most likeable people in the world. Then they use red and black ink in the title asking the question “is America ready for either one?”. Before you even read the article you’re seduced by a photo that forces you to have good thoughts and setup to feel shamed if you don’t want to vote for them.

The fun doesn’t stop there as they also have an article on Hillary’s European twin Segolene Royal who is the new leader of the Socialist Party in France and also looking to become President. Newsweek paints Royal as great as Hillary and how she’s going to fix France, while claiming her opponent on the Right, Nicolas Sarkozy, “medicine threatens to be bitter” for the country.

But wait there’s more. They have a web exclusive that blames the recent Holocaust denier meeting in Iran on Christians. The author asks, “who ought to have the primary responsibility for correcting this abomination? I think it ought to be Christians”. He claims this on the premise that Christians committed the Holocaust.

Of course Newsweek wouldn’t be complete without throwing in the Iraq war. For this you can read, “Bush’s disastrous troop plan” or “Bush’s worst lies of 2006”.

Finally if you haven’t had enough conservative bashing you can always go to the Newsweek Blog that currently asks, “Was Jesus Christ the Son of God?”