Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hugo Chavez mind games:

Over the weekend I was watching TV when a commercial came on that caught my attention. The commercial is a dramatization of a mother and her child sitting in their home with blankets over them. Then it shows their kitchen with the oven door open leaving you to believe that they're using it to heat their home.

Then out of no where a truck pulls up and the mother and son’s face light up with cheer as the man pulls out a fuel pump and puts oil into their home. The family and man gather for a group shot with smiles a plenty.

Then a voice is heard with an 800 number telling the viewer how thanks to Citgo and the Venezuelan people, Americans can get oil at a 40% discount.

Give Hugo Chavez credit for his subtle attack on the American government. Knowing he can’t beat us militarily he’s using his stockpiles of oil as a psychological weapon. Chavez shouldn’t be underestimated and his tactic is just another attack on our government.