Monday, January 08, 2007

Lets take a look at this:

It was just announced that President Bush will address the nation on Wednesday at 9:00 PM to inform us about his new Iraq strategy. Democrats are probably already writing up their drafts on how their going to attack the President and his war on Iraq before they even hear what he has to say.

Democrats have been exploiting the difficulties in Iraq for political gain with the hopes of forcing a complete withdrawal. They want Americans to know that they were the ones who brought their men and women home. The question though is at what cost?

Say Democrats are successful and we’re forced to withdraw completely from Iraq, what are some possible outcomes?

The biggest risk to America is Iraq breaks out into a complete civil war with a new leader emerging that makes Saddam look like George Washington. We already know that the one thing Al-Qaida cherishes is a comfortable home to plot the West’s demise. President Clinton’s withdrawal from Mogadishu is a perfect example of what could happen. We know that a number of terrorist attacks were planned from there and the whole country was close to falling into the hands of Al-Qaida if it wasn’t for West friendly Ethiopian forces that came in to help.

Another worse case scenario is that Iran uses the upheaval to send in a stabilizing force to take over the country. I think by now Iran knows the world is not ready to start a war with them and would let Iraq become Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Munich.

The only hopeful outcome is that the different factions come together and follow through with an elected government. The reality is if they haven’t been able to do it in the last two years, they’re definitely not going to do it when American forces leave. As I’ve said in the past, if President Bush could be blamed for anything, it’s having faith in the Iraqi people that they would not revert back to a state of nature and sit down and start a normal government.

Considering that we no longer have bases in Saudi Arabia would leaving Iraq be the best option for U.S. security? Iraq is a strategic asset for a variety of reasons and its unfortunate Democrats are going to risk the future security of our nation because they don’t have the stomach to tell Americans like it is. Americans need to get over the delusion that the world is a pretty place and that as a nation you don’t have to play hardball. If they don’t and we continue to travel down this road, nations like China, Iran, Russia and even Venezuela are going to give us a spanking.

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