Monday, February 05, 2007

Joe Kennedy - Communist lackey

Joe Kennedy, son of Robert, and one of the heirs of what remains of the Kennedy political fortune, is stumping for Hugo Chavez and proud of it.

Appearing in TV commercials now polluting the airwaves, Kennedy is trumpeting Chavez's pledge to offer 40% off home heating oil for less fortunate urban Americans through Citgo, Venezuela's state-owned oil company.

From a morally equivalent standpoint, it's Chavez using Venezuela's vast oil wealth to reach out and help others. But in reality, it's an attempt to instill the kind of class warfare that helps socialists overthrow countries, and liberals are suckers for it every time. Chavez only engaged in this plan to embarrass George W. Bush, but Kennedy parades around praising "our friends in Venezuela at Citgo." Workers of the world unite!

Kennedy, who certainly doesn't have a brain in his head, appears in the commercial pumping heating oil into the homes of the elderly who are just so glad that he is fighting for their rights. He is the living embodiment of Lenin's "useful idiot," and doesn't even realize he is being played for a fool on the world stage.

For those of you out there who think Hugo is a nice man who should be left alone, take a look at what is happening now, and consider what's to come. Chavez recently gained emergency powers which will lead to an authoritarian regime which he will rule for life. He is nationalizing businesses throughout Venezuela, putting his critics in jail, and reaching out to Iran and other sordid international players to build an antagonistic bloc against the United States. I'll gamble any amount of money that his future plans will include the conquest of his lesser neighbors in the name of "good" socialism. It's a pattern that the Communists have followed for decades, and Chavez is consulting Vladimir's playbook every step of the way.

As for Joe Kennedy, well, he's a private citizen now (thank God!), so he can be a spokesman for pretty much anybody he wants. It'd just be nice if he used a little discretion once in a while. But, then again, discretion is not something that's ever held back a Kennedy before.

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