Friday, March 02, 2007

John Bolton: "Regime Change" for Iran

John Bolton, a bona fide Renaissance Man, is now a senior fellow on foreign policy at the American Enterprise Institute. He appeared on Bloomberg TV yesterday and showed a true conservative attitude towards foreign policy... the attitude that combines realism with imperialism -- the only attitude that has worked since the start of nation states.

As a private citizen, Bolton is now free to express what he believes is the right, most effective policy towards volatile dictators in rogue states.

He said the "persistence of the bureaucracy" was to blame for lack of action against Iran and, insightfully, he said:

"Unless you're prepared to believe that the Iraniansare voluntarily going to give up the pursuit of nuclear weapons, the idea of pursuing negotiations is ultimately going to be fruitless."

He also said the Bush administration has "abandoned the principles it pursued for much of its first several years in office." Searing but still true.

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