Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A new fine mess

Now that Libby has been scratched off the list of White House officials to tag and bag, liberals are turning their sights back to Karl Rove, the one who got away in the Valerie Plame broohaha.

It appears that the firing of eight U.S. prosecutors last year by the White House has drawn the interest of Sen. Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Why? Well, publicly Democrats are saying they believe these prosecutors were let go because of some quid pro quo that was not met with the administration. Privately, it's another opportunity to tie up the Bush administration in accusations of scandal while Democrats in Congress attempt to raise taxes, screw over Iraq, and lay a red carpet right up to the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for their 2008 nominee.

This will take months to develop, but I encourage you all to watch it with a close eye.

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