Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Democrats fear good news from Iraq

If you remember the original deal regarding the troop surge back in January of this year, President Bush would send additional troops into Iraq to get the upper hand over the insurgency. Commanding General David Petraeus would oversee the operation and report back to Congress in September about whether the surge has made any headway.

Naturally, the Dems can't be trusted to make deals. In fact, they have been spending all the political capital they have to try and push several resolutions that call for troop withdrawals with deadlines ranging from one year to should-have-been-done-last-week. Why can't they just wait another 30-45 days to hear what Gen. Petraeus has to say?

Simple: because he is more than likely going to report to Congress that the troop surge is working to decrease attacks on American soldiers and Iraqi civilians, and the power of Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). Yes, it does exist.

Good news in Iraq translates into bad news for Democrats. They have staked their claim to power on a botched war in Iraq. If it turns out that we are making progress over there, then the Dems could lose one of their biggest electoral trump cards.

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