Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Former NYYRC President Weingartner Chosen as 1 of NYC's 40 Under 40!

Former NYYRC President and NYSYR Chairman Jason Weingartner was chosen as one of NYC's top 40 under 40...


Jason Weingartner
Fundraising Consultant, Cathy Blaney & Associates
Former State Chair, New York Young Republicans
Age: 32
Nickname picked: “Gos, an old softball nickname.”

In 1980, five-year-old Jason Weingartner was already in the thick of it, handing out fliers for Ronald Reagan’s presidential bid with his parents in Glendale, Queens. Later on, as an undergraduate at Fordham College, he volunteered for two big GOP races: Rudy Giuliani’s 1993 mayoral run and George Pataki’s 1994 gubernatorial campaign. All his volunteering eventually paid off: an internship at Friends of Pataki, the former governor’s fund raising arm, turned into a paid job. In 2000, Weingartner joined up with the New York State Young Republicans, a small club which at the time had only 12 members. But by 2004, thanks to Weingartner’s organizing efforts, the club had almost 400 dues-paying members. He was voted president and then state chair of the group. This encouraged him to run for national chair of the Young Republican National Forum this past July. Though he lost, and his term with the state association ended in May, Weingartner said he has stayed involved. “Now I’m sort of an elder statesman, but I’m not that old,” he said laughing. “I have more free time to focus on other things,” he said. “Like softball.”

How did your past jobs get you to where you are now?“It helped teach me to be more appreciative of volunteers, who are often overlooked.”

What is the first thing you would bring up on your next job interview?“I would bring up my organizing ability.”Five years from now, how is your mail going to be addressed?“I’m not a big fan of titles. ‘Chairman Weingartner’—I’m not a communist dictator!”

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