Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Presidential Hopefuls Ignoring the CRs?? Well NOT the YRS! :)

The WSJ's Adam Najberg was at the Debate last night at UMich - Dearborn, talking to a couple of CRs who were complaining about the Presidential Candidates not reaching out to them, other than Facebook, MySpace, Etc...

I linked a piece by The Nation above.

I find this really interesting for a few reasons

1. MANY, (if not ALL) of the GOP hopefuls have reached out to the NYYRC in one way or another: to volunteer, attend a fundraiser, make phone calls, or simply participate in a rally.

2. The CRs, on a national level, have a far stronger organization than the national YRs, that's for certain and typically they're better known for campaigning and holding signs and rallying. In the past, they're the group that candidates know better and go to first. It's funny that we're the ones being reached out to...

What say you folks?!?!
And of course, overall, it's

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