Thursday, December 18, 2008

NYYRC Prez Lynn Krogh Appointed to NY GOP Planning Commission

NYYRC President Lynn Krogh has been appointed to the New York State Republican Strategic Planning Commission, which has been tasked with developing a blueprint for the state party.

Congrats Lynn!

Here is the press release:

Chairman Mondello Launches Planning Commission
December 18th, 2008
Announces Goals, Schedule, Initial Members

New York State Republican Committee Chairman Joseph N. Mondello today formally announced the creation of the New York State Republican Strategic Planning Commission to study the latest political technology and strategies and develop a forward-looking blueprint for New York’s Republican Party. Andrew S. Eristoff of New York City will serve as the Commission’s Chair.

“Today, our party’s ongoing rebuilding efforts will take a new and significant step forward toward a stronger, more vibrant future,” said Chairman Mondello. “I’ve asked this Commission to do a thorough and independent assessment of the best strategies and techniques to provide a gameplan for moving our party forward. I am confident that this talented group of individuals will provide the quality research, analysis, and proposals we need to be successful.”

In naming him to Chair the Commission, Chairman Mondello cited Andrew Eristoff’s service as a former New York County Republican Chairman, New York City Councilmember, and former New York City and New York State Finance Commissioner.

“I look forward to working with this dynamic group of fellow Republicans to help shape a path toward a bright and competitive future for our New York State Republican Party,” said Andrew Eristoff. “Although we will certainly examine issues related to messaging and communications, much of our work will focus on the nuts-and-bolts of building a vital and competitive state party, such as candidate recruitment and support, registration, fundraising, technology, organization and administration.”

Commission working groups will focus on key rebuilding challenges in three categories: communications and outreach, finance and administration , and operations. The Commission will have an initial organizing conference call before Christmas and will begin working group activity immediately after the first of the year. The Commission plans to provide a preliminary report to Chairman Mondello and the Republican County Chairs in mid-winter on the most time sensitive action issues, with a final report scheduled to be completed in the Spring.

“This aggressive timeframe will ensure our party can begin acting on critical issues quickly in order to be successful this coming Fall, while also providing sufficient time for a thorough and valuable review,” added Chairman Mondello.

The Commission will be comprised of dedicated Republicans from across New York State and includes former elected, appointed, and party officials as well as long-time activists and coalition leaders within the party. Additional members of the Commission and advisory council members will be added in the coming days and weeks to provide additional depth and specialization. Elected officials, Republican coalitions and auxiliary organizations will be encouraged to participate in the process and provide advice and input.

The Commission will also seek the advice and input of party officials, political specialists, party activists, and former party leaders such as William Powers, former New York State Republican Chairman, who has agreed to serve as a Senior Advisor.

The initial members of the Commission include:

Thomas J. Basile, President, Empire Solutions Consulting

Abigail Cable, Treasurer, NYS College Republicans; President, Union College Republicans

Anthony J. Casale, former Member, New York State Assembly

Christopher N. Cox, former New York Executive Director, McCain 2008

Thomas E. L. Dewey, Partner, Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky

Harold E. Doley III, Principal, The Lugano Group Incorporated

Christopher P. Dziedzic, Chair, New York State Young Republicans

Andrew S. Eristoff, Chair

Lolita K. Jackson, Former President, Metropolitan Republican Club

Lynn Krogh, President, New York Young Republican Club

Nicholas Langworthy, Former Executive Director, Erie County Republican Committee

Gary J. Lavine, Attorney

Raymond P. Martinez, Former Commissioner, New York State Department of Motor Vehicles

Rebecca M. Marino, Secretary, New York State Republican Committee

Meyers Mermel, CEO, Mermel & McLain

Patrick M. Murphy, Former President, New York City Log Cabin Republicans

Juan Carlos “J.C.” Polanco, Commissioner, New York City Board of Elections

Ron Robbins, North Harbor Dairy, Former NYS Director for USDA Farm Services

Fran Sullivan, Former Member, New York State Assembly

Charles J. Urstadt, Chairman, Urstadt Biddle Propertie

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