Friday, December 05, 2008

Richardson Out of His Depth in Commerce Role

Bill Richardson has been nominated for Commerce Secretary, and so many folks like the good-natured guy that nobody seems to want to question if he is really right for the post. Personally, I think not.

The Washington ComPost makes note that generally the secretary of commerce is someone from the private sector. After all, whoever serves in that role, particularly in this economy, should be someone with a background in...what's the word?...oh, yeah, commerce. Richardson is a professional public servant.

The Obama camp says this job offer is not a "consolation" prize for Richardson because he really wanted the Secretary of State post. I believe them. It's not. It is a recognition of the Richardson's loyalty to Obama after his own moribund presidential candidate failed to catch fire.

Perhaps I am alone in criticizing the abilities of the likable lug from New Mexico, but I stand by my belief that he is not the man for this job. It's nothing personal. It's strictly (about) business.

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