Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Join the Tea Party This Saturday in City Hall Park

If you are in New York this weekend, and you have had it up to your eyeballs with the stimulus package, then you need to come to City Hall Park at 2:00pm for the Tea Party.

The Tea Party, and 39 other such parties around the country this weekend, will be a show of unity and protest over the government's willingness to gamble away our present and our future with its sham stimulus package.

You can RSVP here or just show up. There are more supporters of responsible government than you know. Come by and see for yourself. This is the real thing.

2PM, Saturday Feb. 28th, City Hall Park in Manhattan. Socializing afterwards. Let's make our voice heard in NYC!


2:00pm start time: Organizers comments

2:10pm: Confirmed speakers and anyone from the crowd who wishes to address everyone.

2:45pm: Closing statements, press interviews

3:00pm: End.

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