Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Northeast Is Key To Restoring The Republican Party

John J. Pitney writes a great article on National Review Online about the challenge ahead for the GOP. It looks like Michael Steele wants to pursue a plan similar to the "50 State Strategy" employed by Democratic Chair Howard Dean after John Kerry's loss in the 2004 presidential election. According to "The Plan" listed on the GOP's Rebuild the Party website...the party will attempt to run candidates in all 435 House districts in 2010.

If the Republicans are to be competitive in the Northeast...they will need to deal with these sobering facts from the 2008 election:

Republicans are currently in none of the 22 House districts representing New England. Also..according to Gallup...Party identification favors the Democrats by a staggering difference in Massachusetts (34%), New York (27%), and Connecticut (26%).

Chairman Steele must find a way to make Republicans competitive in the Northeast...or the GOP will remain the minority party in Congress for years to come.

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