Monday, February 02, 2009

Ruined Honeymoon

We're just entering the February following an inauguration, and already the Obama administration shows the distinct signs of losing that shiny new glow that comes with a new presidency.

He (President Obama) failed to attract even one! (1!) Republican on his So-Called stimulus package. He angered the Vatican after revoking the Mexico City policy, essentially allowing American tax dollars to fund overseas abortions. He has potentially initiated what would be an economically disastrous trade war with Europe through his provisions for a modern day "America First" program, part of his So-Called stimulus; already top E.U. officials are warning of retaliation. And of course, he picked a fight with the king of political media, Rush Limbaugh, and by extension approximately 40-50 million talk radio listeners. These are only the more notable fumbles.

President Obama may not realize it (this POTUS gig being his first real job), but he's in the big leagues now - the biggest. Limbaugh's reputation among his non-listeners is irrelevant. He will drag Obama's reputation through the mud, leaving him with, I predict, an approval rating no higher than the low 60s. It currently hovers around 70.

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