Monday, February 09, 2009

A Plan To Get Our Economy Working Again

American Solutions, a non-partisan organization fronted by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with the goal to end partisan gridlock in Washington, has come up with a plan to get America's economy working again.

"12 American Solutions for Jobs & Prosperity" will do more to help our current economic situation than the current stimulus bill.

A few of there suggestions are below:

Get rid of the capital gains tax:

  • This will give consumers confidence to invest in American industry and therefore bring jobs back to numerous sectors in our economy.
Invest in new energy and transportation infrastructure
  • Our current transportation system is in shambles with roads and bridges that need repair, numerous airline delays and cancellations, and a limited rail system. I believe one solution could be to invest in European-style bullet trains...that will help move people quickly within these six regions (Atlantic Coast, South, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, Pacific Coast). This would allow commercial airlines to focus on cross region and international travel, therefore reducing air traffic
The rest of the solutions are here.

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