Sunday, April 12, 2009

NY 20th CD Race Drifts Back and Forth

In the special election to fill New York's 20th Congressional seat, the race is so close, that each and every vote can make or break it for Jim Tedisco. When we first noted it over a week ago, Tedisco was ahead by 12 votes according to The Politicker.

But on April 9, Congressional Quarterly reported that "All re-canvassing is now complete, and four counties are done counting regular absentee ballots" and "With approximately 20 percent of absentee ballots counted, Murphy...was ahead by eight votes."

And on April 11, The Hill reported "With most of the district-wide recanvassing complete as of Friday, [Democrat Scott] Murphy leads Tedisco by 35 votes."

Note the lack of cohesion on whether all the recanvassing had been completed or not (or even if "recanvassing" is hyphenated or not).

The counting and the confusion continues.

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