Monday, May 04, 2009

Time For Republicans To Fight For INDIVIDUALISM

Nearly a week after Sen. Arlen Specter changed parties to become a "DINO" or Democrat In Name Only, the mainstream media has attempted to go for the knockout punch against the GOP.

They have said that the party needs to go back to being a "Big Tent" party that needs to be able to attract moderates in the center. Although that is true...the mainstream media are completely wrong on how you achieve that goal.

Moderates, or "Independents" are often people who "lean" Republican or Democrat and can be easily swayed by public opinion. Kyle Smith in the New York Post makes this point by stating:

The American voter's party preference is no more fixed than a drunk frat boy's taste for girls majoring in English vs. pre-med.
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Most Americans don't follow politics closely and often make their decision close to presidential elections. They also tend not to vote in midterm elections, like the one coming up in 2010. Those elections are often won by candidates rallying their base to turnout and vote for them. A "Big Tent" doesn't work in congressional races, but rather a strong grassroots movement.

The tea party movement began out of disdain for government intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens. It is not just an anti-tax movement, but rather a revolt against a media & judicial activism, reckless spending, and inside-the-beltway cronyism.

Sen. Jim Demint in a piece in the Wall Street Journal makes this point crystal clear. The Republican Party should not be a party about policy or issues, but rather a party that stands for INDIVIDUALISM. That include people from all regions, races, religions, ages, sexes, sexual orientations, income levels, etc. America is not built on ideas of government...but rather of INDIVIDUALS who hold DIFFERENT ideas. The difference between Republicans and Democrats "should" be that Republicans believe you can make decisions for yourself...while Democrats believe that they can make decisions for you.

Republicans must stop fighting over ideas and turn their attention to returning the government back to the people and their communities. Stop telling us "how" to live our lives and get out of the way...otherwise you are no different then Democrats. Fight for us to fight for ourselves...and we will build you a "Big Tent". Don't have the hard earned money we make each day be stolen from us by irresponsible politicians like "Arlen Specter" who care more about their next election than the next bill we have to pay.

Jim Demint said it best in his column by stating:
Moderate and liberal Republicans who think a South Carolina conservative like me has too much influence are right! I don't want to make decisions for them. That's why I'm working to reduce Washington's grip on our lives and devolve power to the states, communities and individuals, so that Northeastern Republicans, Western Republicans, Southern Republicans, and Midwestern Republicans can define their own brands of Republicanism. It's the Democrats who want to impose a rigid, uniform agenda on all Americans. Freedom Republicanism is about choice -- in education, health care, energy and more. It's OK if those choices look different in South Carolina, Maine and California.

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