Monday, June 01, 2009

The Country is Not Turning Left

If one were to believe the media, one would think the country is marching in lockstep to Obama's ideas and to his philosophy. One would be wrong.

Check out some of these numbers from recent polls conducted by Rasmussen:

  • 21 percent favor the GM bailout, 67 percent oppose it
  • 76 percent believe economic recovery is possible if GM fails
  • 18 percent believe the government will run GM effectively

And Pew Research Center:
The proportion of independents now equals its highest level in 70 years.... Independents are more conservative on several key issues than in the past. While they like and approve of Barack Obama, as a group independents are more skittish than they were two years ago about expanding the social safety net and are reluctant backers of greater government involvement in the private sector....

37 percent of Americans describe themselves as politically conservative – roughly double the number who say they are liberal (19 percent). This ratio has remained largely stable over the past nine years, even while the balance of party affiliation has changed substantially.

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