Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jim Gilmore to the Rescue

James Gilmore, former governor of Virginia and chairman of the Republican National Committee, wrote a great op-ed in today's Washington Times that calls for conservatives to unite around a common message. He contends, and rightly so, that the several fractured arguments within the Republican Party do not serve the GOP. And they surely will not save us from Barack Obama's "new socialism."

An excerpt:

Other lines of conservative thought should be free to develop, but they must be subordinated to the main theme of domestic liberty and limited government.

Whatever political action is necessary must be done to achieve this unity of message and program.

The only hope for the United States is the conservative movement. Now is the time when conservatives must subordinate their different goals in favor of a unified economic message. If we do, we will allow an American majority to come back to us.

Read more here.

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