Friday, October 28, 2005

No Festivus Miracle

Well, I'm only half-ashamed to admit that growing up I was among the last to discontinue writing Santa Claus-I think I stopped around the time my wish for a Gilette Sensor went unfulfilled. Anyway, until a couple of hours ago I had hope that the "straight arrow" prosecutor, the "Boy Scout" Patrick Fitzgerald was not going to indict anyone save perhaps either of the Wilson sickos. I mean, Fitz is such the consummate pro, his office does NOT leak we were told-then how did anybody know anything about anything here? And surely a good, serious man won't go from putting Islamofascist murderers away to soiling himself with the follies of the Vanity Fair fools. But not to be, and now we're to be bombarded with wall to wall coverage about the alleged not-really-misdeeds of a grown man named Scooter.
Not me. I'm out. Much much much more important things in life.
Breeders' Cup picks to follow.

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