Monday, November 07, 2005

Election Eve - What's At Stake

Tomorrow New Yorkers march to the polls to choose who will be governing this town for the next four years. Mayor Michael Bloomberg stands to be solidly reelected in what could be the most stunning upset this town has seen in years. Consequently, our first duty is to make sure that happens by pulling the lever for Mayor Mike.

In the various city council districts, there are a number of Republicans looking to break the lock that the Democrats have with their 48-seat majority. Three city council races that are of pivotal consequence are:

All Young Republicans far and wide are urged to reach out to these campaigns and help push them over the top as we approach the final hours of this race. All are solid candidates and can bring a voice of reason and responsibility so sorely lacking in the New York City Council.

See you on the campaign trail!
And Vote REPUBLICAN on November 8th.

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