Friday, November 04, 2005

First the NBA and now North Korea

Fox has an (unintentionally) hysterical piece on North Korea's suggestion (read: edict back up on pain of death) that women wear the traditional dresses and not pants. (,2933,174552,00.html)

As the Joson Yeosung (Woman) magazine (whatever that is) stated "Keeping alive our dress style is a very important political issue to adhere to specific national cultural traditions at a time when the U.S. imperialists are maneuvering to spread the rotten bourgeois lifestyle inside North Korea."

Yes, those American dogs are spreading insurrection with their Dockers. Inciting rebellion one leg at a time.

The article also notes that "Early this year, the North also launched a social campaign against men with long hair, calling them unhygienic, anti-socialist fools." Funny, I thought we called the people with unhygenic people with long hair "Democrats"? You would think if Kim Jong Il woudl just sit down with them he'd realize they had a lot in common.

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