Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Patting Me on the Back

No sooner did I write on this Blog and in my article for the New York Young Republican Record that the government should forget their attacks on the oil industry and instead focus on the cable industry, does the new FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin, recommend that cable companies look toward an “a la carte” format.

I’ve been complaining for sometime about the higher then inflation growth of cable bills and the cable companies constantly forcing the consumer to pay for channels that they don’t want. The argument that a number of cable channels wouldn’t survive if it weren’t for cable companies forcing us to buy them doesn’t hold in our free market society.

Finally there is also the issue that conservatives at the Parents Television Council bring up, that God loving moral people shouldn’t have to subsidize immoral stations that they don’t believe in. Though the cable companies claim parents could block those stations out, those parents are still paying for it, which they don’t want to do. Why should they have to pay for that smut of a station MTV, whether they can block it out or not?

Price each station based on its supply and demand and call it a day!

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