Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Why It’s So Important Not To Ignore The City Council

With the election come and gone us on the Board of the NYYRC were perplexed and disappointed with the election losses of Pat Murphy, Joel Zinberg and Pat Russo.

Today we are about to feel the pain of a City Council completely run by Democrats even more as they are prepared to pass a bill that will allow unions to donate even more money to elections. Talk about securing your own seat! This is a city council that has no checks or balances and continues to pass the agenda of a few dozen people than the several million it represents.

This is a bill that nobody from the Mayor to the Campaign Finance Board agrees with and is fighting. I urge everyone to find and call your city council members office and voice your concern about conflict of interest this bill creates not to mention that there are those teachers, bus drivers and so on who might not want their hard earned dues going to that candidate.

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