Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke

Thanks to our “if it bleeds it leads” media, all we ever hear is the negative stories about Iraq and Afghanistan. Well here is a more positive story being reported by the Financial Times, which I would like to say, is the only paper worth reading.

After a more than 15-year absence Coca-Cola is returning to Afghanistan with the opening of a $25 million plant. The plant will be located on the outskirts of Kabul and will directly employ 600 full-time workers and a total of 8,000 workers in related industries like card board, bottle crowns and other materials that will need to support it.

Give Coca-Cola credit for being a true entrepreneur and taking a risk, which if successful will give them a head start in the country over other soft drink rivals. However the most important benefit if successful will be the flow of other companies and industries into the country that will want a piece of the action.

Somebody always has to take the initial plunge and that gold star goes to Coca-Cola.

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