Thursday, December 01, 2005

You Stay Classy Young Republicans

Last night a large number of Young Republicans had a chance to hear former Attorney General John Ashcroft speak in New York. Many of you will be shocked to know that the former Attorney General didn’t speak in the friendly confines of say the Union League but instead at the hostile liberal stronghold of Columbia University.

For me the experience was very enjoyable. To start it’s always fun to see a bunch of spoiled young kids protesting making complete fools of themselves, asking for their civil rights back as they’re parading around the streets screaming. Looked like civil rights to me.

Obviously the speech given by the Attorney General was crisp reminding me why I’m a conservative. What was most impressive though was the fact that Columbia (I don’t know if it was done by the Columbia Republicans or forced by the faculty) allowed all those green protesters into the rafters. What followed were disrespectful acts that again reminded me why I was a Republican. The little children of the Columbia leftwing constantly attempted to shout and disrupt the General during his speech. Fortunately the General, obviously being used to it, handled it well getting in some of his own shots that brought the conservatives in the audience to laud applauses. I’ll point out the conservatives in the crowd acted as classy as always, not letting the yelling from the left get the best of them.

Playing to the crowd the wise Columbia Republicans even allowed those silly-I wouldn’t know repression if it hit me in the face-leftists to ask questions they thought would corner the General. Questions you know those kids were dreaming about all week to ask. Unfortunately for them the General being the veteran of politics he is answered every question perfectly deflecting every grenade thrown his way. It was truly great stuff!

The best highlight of the night though came at the expense of those funny protesters who had one sign hung up for all to see to direct other protesters to their den.

The sign read:

Free This
Speech Way

If one of you has the picture please put it up on the blog, so I can get another laugh. Columbia English teachers must be proud.

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