Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pirro Bows Out

It's hard to say what the keyed Jeanine Pirro's decision to drop her challenge to the Junior Dragon Lady from New York in 2006. It could have been Pirro's husband, forthright though he may be, but embarrassingly public about it. It could have been State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, whose desire to maintain Republicans' tenuous control in Albany has forced him to consider supporting Tom Golisano. And it may have been State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik and the clatch of State GOP county leaders who not so subtly suggested she should run instead for state Attorney General.

In the end it was probably a combination of all of the above and more. But now it is certain that Jeanine Pirro will quit her campaign against Hillary Clinton and instead run for AG, a job she richly deserves and has a resume for that is unlikely to be matched by any Democrat in New York.

This gives Ed Cox the chance he's been looking for - to get back in the Senate race. It gives the State GOP a chance to better channel its energies on 2006. And it gives Republicans two great candidates for two great races. Now we can start 2006 off in the right way - focused and ready to go to work.

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