Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some Things Never Change:

As Republicans, biased media coverage has been something we’ve become accustomed too. So much to the extent that the majority of us don’t even get upset anymore when shows like Sixty Minutes try’s to push the President under a bus, while never doing negative stories on Democrats.

The story this morning on cnn.com on the Presidents approval rating though takes the cake for most despicable. Over the last two days we have read and heard constantly about the major jump in the polls the President has taken. Now he’s not back to his 70% rating but a nine-point jump is a nine-point jump and is something to be looked at positively. Unless your CNN that is.

CNN’s story headlined as followed: Poll: Iraq speeches, election don’t help Bush. What? I mean come on these guys are just trying to hard. They could at least try to pretend that they’re objective.

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