Monday, January 30, 2006

Does this guy have no shame?

Yesterday I had the joy of registering my son for kindergarten. For you liberals out there it will pain you to hear that I registered him for catholic school, I know the horror. A cute note is that it’s actually the same grammar school my wife and I graduated from.

While there in the gym they had tables with information spread out across them. As I went down the list the last one on the table caused me to laugh. It was an ugly, cheap, orange pamphlet that was titled the Attorney General Elliott Spitzer’s safety tips for parents. Smack in the middle of the cover was his ugly mug with that fake smile. I swear he must have to take an aspirin every time he takes a photo because his smile looks like it hurts. When you open it, it gives you bullet points on different things that as a parent you already know unless you were brain dead.

This pamphlet was an obvious attempt for self-promotion, it might as well had elect Elliott in 06’ on it. His face on the cover was the main focal point of the pamphlet placed smack in the middle making it what you saw first, not the safety tips, which was suppose to be the point of the pamphlet. What I found most amazing is that this is the same guy who came out and questioned Governor Pataki’s call for tax-credits for private school. I don’t know who I’m disappointed in more, his lame attempt for votes or the schools decision to put that piece of junk on the table.

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