Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A Woman’s Scorn:

By now we’ve all read or heard the Junior Senator from New York comments about how the house “has been run like a plantation, and you know what I’m talking about”. No actually I don’t and I don’t think any of those in attendance at her speech know either since none of them were ever slaves.

What I found interesting though was not her comment but what she meant by it. She went on to explain how “nobody with a contrary view has had a chance to present legislation, make an argument, to be heard”. This is where Senator Clinton and the rest of her party get it wrong. If the Senator would recall this nation was founded over a war on the issue of taxation without representation. The purpose of our Congressmen, Senators and even Councilmen is to represent the people of this country. To listen to those people and represent their view, not Hillary Clinton’s view in government.

If the Senator would also recall currently the majority of those citizens, some of whom she supposedly represents, in the last several elections voted by majority to have Republicans run the House, Senate and White House. So Senator though it pains you to admit it, the American people have spoken and said by giving Republicans complete control that they want them to draft the legislation, not you and other Democrats.

The confirmation of Judge Alito is another example why Americans gave Republicans the majority. The 2004 elections was not a referendum on the Iraq War as Democrats made it out to be but instead on the Supreme Court. Conservatives in this country came out in droves to vote to give President Bush over 50% of the vote, something Bill Clinton never got, because they wanted a conservative to pick the next judge if not two. And by President Bush picking Judge Roberts and Alito he is simply representing the 50% that voted him in and their wishes.

So Senator Clinton can complain all she wants about how she and her Democrat friends are in the minority because she’s right. What she’s wrong about is her opinion that it’s not what the American people want because every election since 1998 has shown otherwise.

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