Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another taxpayer funded, social organization in trouble:

In less than one month two children have been brutally killed in NYC that at some point had been checked on by the Administration of Child Services (ACS). Though the media is really playing up the story, the truth is every year dozens of children die that were being followed by the ACS.

Should we be surprised that a social program run on the taxpayer’s dime at a cost of over $2 billion a year whose employees are covered by a union, would be inefficient?

The problem with city run social programs is that there is no accountability. There’s no investors, just clueless taxpayers. Another problem you have are the caseworkers themselves. Based on Adam Smiths law of labor demand, people take jobs whose salary reflect their education. At the salary of an ACS worker, the ACS can’t be getting the brightest bulbs on the tree. You have to believe most of these people are just going through the motions like those in the MTA and post office. Unfortunately instead of being left at the bus stop or ignored when buying stamps; children are being left to be beaten and tortured.

I’m not surprised; neither should the rest of New York.

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