Thursday, March 23, 2006

I thought parents didn’t want more charter schools?

Here I been listening to opponents of Governor Pataki, mainly the teachers union, and believing them when they said parents didn’t want charter schools or tuition tax credits. Then today I open the paper to read that yesterday in Harlem a new charter school set to open had to have a lottery to see who would get to attend because there were more applicants then seats. One parent even went as far as to tell a reporter that “it’s like American Idol. I got my gold ticket to Hollywood”, after his daughter won a spot.

So lets look at the facts. Parents are for charter schools, Gov. wants to raise the current cap on charter schools.

Teachers union against charter schools because the schools are shielded from rules and union contracts.

So who should I be supporting on this issue and more importantly for parents in New York, who will Elliot Spitzer be supporting? I wonder?

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