Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Talk about elitism!

One favorite past time of left wing is to accuse Republicans of being bigoted elitists. What will be interesting now, will be to see if those left wing diehards will play fair and attack their night in shining armor Elliot Spitzer.

According to an article in today’s NY Sun and comments by Governor Pataki scolding Spitzer, ten days ago during a speech at a Manhattan synagogue Elliot Spitzer to the amusement and chuckle of his liberal audience took a shot at people living upstate. In his comments he stated how “you’ll see an economy that is devastated. It looks like Appalachia”.

Appalachia? Was Elliot aware that the term Appalachia refers to geographic regions in the country that contain many English and Scottish settlers who have a culture of strong oral tradition, self-sufficiency, and strong religious faith who are generally viewed as Hillbillies with a low IQ?

Talk about being an elitist bigot! The left wing of the party must be up in arms considering their compassion and tollerance for all those who are discriminated against.

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