Thursday, March 16, 2006

Paid for by the New York City Council and its taxpayers:

We all know the City Council is loaded to the brim with Democrats and every other group that aligns themselves to the left of Karl Marx. They have had no shame in attacking Republicans and demonizing them as the scourge of the earth. It doesn’t matter that when Rudy Giuliani, a Republican came into office, crime was at all time highs and you couldn’t tell the difference between Fishkill’s and some parts of Queens. Nor does it matter that when Governor Pataki came into office, businesses in the state were running away and the value of everyone’s homes were a fraction of what they are today. Yesterday’s Empire State index, which measures manufacturing activity by the New York Federal Reserve, showed further signs of New York’s economic strength performing better then what analysts had expected showing strengthening activity.

Despite the great job Republicans have done over the last decade we still shouldn’t expect a City Council that is loaded by Democrats 48-3 to be shy in looking to have complete control over every elected position in the state but should they use a taxpayer funded website to do it?

Below are two banner ads on the City Council’s website. These ads are a blatant attack on the Governor and though don’t use the term Republican anywhere, reek of a subliminal message that people in this state and city must vote Democrat. These ads purely cross the line and are nothing short of campaign ads for the Democrat Party in the name of our children who don’t even know better. Could you imagines going to the website of the United States Senate to see blatant attacks on the other party. No you wouldn’t and you don’t, instead you find current legislation and the history of the country.

These ads and the City Council’s website just shows how out of control they’ve become. They’re a cowboy group with three token Republicans who are probably locked in a cage while the council is in session. What’s really sad is how our media, which killed itself in making sure there was always checks and balances in government since its beginning, has allowed itself to ignore the blatant abuse of power by the City Council. Doesn’t papers like the Observer and the New York Times think that it would be in the best interest of the City to have more then three Republicans on the Council? Are they saying that Democrats are perfect? Even though Republicans control the House and Senate nationally, they still don’t have the power to override vetoes and Democrats have enough that they can stall legislation they think is out of line, which is a good thing. The City Council has none of that and the papers in this city are showing their ignorance and bias in not endorsing Republican candidates to keep Democrats honest. When they don’t this is what happens at the taxpayer’s expense.

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