Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Now that’s a website:

If you recall a couple months back I took a shot at Jeanine Pirro for failing to have her website up and functional. The seat for Attorney General is arguably the best chance Republicans have of winning and for her not to have her website up several months into the year was weak.

During that time I thought to myself that if it was taking this long to get a website going, when it does hit it better be nothing short of amazing. Well Jeanine Pirro has finally put her site up and I have to say that this thing is great.

Her tag line, “nothing beats experience” is perfect and she follows it up with a “nothing beats experience” section that describes her work in protecting New Yorkers. Smartly her website team made that tab larger then all the others just begging you to click bringing you to a section that allows you to learn about her work in everything from Medicaid fraud to sexual predators. The photos she includes in each of those sections works great and really helps carry her message.

In addition she has a couple of other tabs that are a nice touch. For instance she has a “Pirro Saftey Tips” section with advice on everything from animal abuse to Internet security. She also has an “Ask Jeanine” tab that lets you ask her a question. I love the fact that looking at her site you can’t tell if she’s running for AG or is AG.

Whoever created that site for Jeanine did a great job and should pass their number onto John Faso.

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