Friday, May 12, 2006

Ok. So what don’t you like?

Besides having to hear every week how 60%+ of the people in the Unites States hate President Bush, I now have to hear how 60%+ of the people in New York hate Gov. Pataki. When it comes to President Bush, I could see how people could cave to the constant barrage of negative press. Between Iraq, the CIA and even Katrina I can see how the masses could be manipulated by a press who make it their favorite past time to trash Republicans while Democrats get a slap on the wrist. When Patrick Kennedy, the son of Ted Kennedy, smashed his car in the Capitol and Rep. Cynthia McKinney assaulted a Capitol guard both made headlines for about thirty seconds before the liberal press made sure to bury it to keep the negative opinion of Democrats by the masses to a minimum. It’s easy to say that if both were Republicans we would not only still be hearing about it but the media would be calling for their resignations. What I want to know though is when it comes to Governor Pataki why do New Yorkers dislike him?

Is it because he’s a Republican and therefore he’s getting lumped in with George Bush? I personally can’t think of any other reason. Right after 9/11 Pataki had 80% approval ratings and today he has 36%, despite the remarkable recovery the State has made economically. It’s obvious to me that his misfortunes are simply a result of New Yorkers falling into the Dem. trap and simply saying they don’t like him because he’s a Republican.

I would like anyone who thinks he’s doing a bad job to tell me why, not just that you think he is. I think New Yorkers and the media need to be honest with themselves. How soon we forget Governor Pataki’s 1996 Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act that gave $1.75 billion in funding for a variety of environmental improvements that most importantly has allowed us to continue to have clean drinking water. Before New Yorkers say they disapprove of the Governor they should turn on their faucet and take a sip.

Most importantly what the Governor has been is a true devils advocate in a State where everything is run by either Democrats or Republicans who think they need to act like one. Every year Pataki has fought hard to keep the City and State honest. It’s easy to say that if Democrats were in control, there would be no control as the children would be in complete charge of the candy store. Come November if Spitzer does win, New Yorkers will be quick to see what I mean as he will give away the store and then raise your taxes to pay for it. Then maybe we’ll be wishing we had Gove Pataki back. New Yorkers are currently saying they want Gov. Pataki out; they should be careful what they wish for.

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