Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is that a bounce I see?

The President’s new approval ratings are out and unsurprisingly to me he has bounced up to 38%. If you recall on April 21 I posted on this Blog that it was “time to cover your George Bush short”. My reasoning was based on the simple fact that there was no one left to disapprove with a Rolling Stones Magazine cover smacking the President as the signal for capitulation, which always leads to reversal.

If I were Democrats I wouldn’t take this move lightly. I’m going to continue with my predictions and call for the President’s approval rating to be back around 45% by November as Iraq improves and more importantly the price of oil falls taking away one more weapon against Democrats.

As I said the other day, Democrats need to be worried. California Republican Brian Billbray’s victory for an open House seat over Democrat Francine Busby is a leading indicator that November will be good times once again for Republicans. If Democrats cannot win an open seat in deep blue California how do they expect to pick up seats in red states like Indiana?

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