Sunday, June 25, 2006

The New York al-Qaeda Times:

By now most Americans have at some point asked themselves just whose side is the U.S. media on. Whenever it comes to the bad guys, whether it be terrorists or murders on death row it seems the media has always taken it upon themselves to defend the guilty. As Americans we have come to understand this to be an unfortunate consequence of a country with a free press.

This week however we need to be asking themselves have they once again cross the line and at what point can such papers like the New York Times be considered enemies of the state and charged with treason. Though this might sound harsh what the New York Times did on Thursday with its intricate description of how the program works, graphics included is nothing short of aiding the enemy.

Such reports raise red flags to terrorists who may be using the system and unaware that they are being tracked. This then allows them to change their habits giving them more time to plan, as we must have to find a new way to find them. The Times admits in its report that the program was used to identify an al-Qaeda operative Hambail, who was the mastermind behind the 2002 bombing of the Bali resort. We have to ask ourselves if the program did not exist, what other attacks could a free Hambil plan.

At what point does the media become accountable for future attacks when it is their reporting and disregard for consequences that caused it? It makes me wonder just what kind of people are sitting in the office of the Times and what must be going through their minds as the decide to report such stories. What’s interesting is that these are the same people who jump to attack CEO’s for being greedy and only worrying about their selves.

Finally lets remember this is not the first time the media has used its freedom to aid the terrorists. The most famous was the media’s decision to tip off Bin Laden by reporting that the U.S. Government was tracking and almost successfully killed him in an air strike by intercepting his satellite phone, giving us his location every time he used it. Soon as they reported the secrete information, Bin Laden stopped using his satellite phone and we lost our ability to track him.

So the next time the New York Times writes some story about how the U.S. is loosing the war on terrorism at least now we officially know they’re doing it with a smile.

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