Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Democrats are attempting to reinstate the Bill Clinton Doctrine:

Yesterday without surprise the GOP led House shot down a resolution 256-153 to set a date for withdrawal from Iraq. To the average American, even those frustrated with slow progress in Iraq, cutting and running would not be in the national interest of our country. Doing so would have us follow the dreaded decision made by Bill Clinton in 1993 to cut and run from Mogadishu after the U.S. suffered 18 deaths in the shooting down of a U.S. Blackhawk helicopter.

Its obvious Democrats and their supporters have not been following much international news since at the same time the Nancy Pelosi left try to pull our troops out of Iraq Mogadishu has officially fallen into the hands of al-Qaeda. Looking at the dire situation in Mogadishu one can see the terrorist enclave becoming the next Afghanistan for terrorists to plot attacks from. Clinton pulling our troops not only paved the way for terrorists to take control but also emboldened Bin Laden into thinking the U.S. didn’t have the stomach to fight the good fight. Looking at the attacks from embassy bombings to the U.S. Cole during Clintons watch, it’s clear the Clinton Doctrine of running because the American people might not be happy has clearly been one big reason why we are where we are today and the Twin Towers fell.

If Congress and the President were to abandon the Bush Doctrine in favor of the Clinton Doctrine, it is without question Iraq would fall creating another haven for al-Qaeda. This is something we as country and world cannot afford to have happen. The President needs to continue to stick to what is right and let a future without terrorist havens be his vindication.

Today Americans have a choice, they can listen to Democrats like John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi and reinstate the Clinton Doctrine or they can simply pick up a paper and currently read about Mogadishu.

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