Friday, June 16, 2006

Same Sex Marriage:

Starting this month, New York’s highest court will hear arguments to decide if same-sex marriage should be allowed in the State under its constitution.

The topic of homosexuality is one that can get the biggest liberals and conservatives boiling. What makes it so big is the fact it’s a subject with many layers, each with its own battlefield. The country’s biggest opponents are those who are very religious and look at the idea of it as a sin. Proponents on the other hand claim that you don’t choose to be gay because it’s something destined on you since birth. Looking at it objectively both sides have a point. It’s hard to argue against the fact that homosexuality is something your brain forces upon you. At the same time I think you have to understand the view of those who believe deeply in God and feel it’s a sin that like any other can be mastered. The Bible is clear that sin is present on earth and that it is up to us as humans to suppress it. As God tells Cain in Genesis 4: 7 “sin is crouching at the door. Its desire is for you, but you must rule over it.”

Unfortunately both arguments don’t get us anywhere because you will never change the mind of someone who doesn’t believe or trust the Bible that it’s a sin and vice versa. This inability is what has allowed our society to progress to a point in the debate where those against it still are but have accepted that it’s a part of society. Frankly if you believe it’s a sin and hurts your chances of eternal life then the only one being hurt is those choosing to follow it and if the other side is not worried about it being a sin then that’s their choice.

When it comes to same sex marriage however many people feel it’s a move in a direction that has crossed a line that blatantly challenges what they feel is a sacred part of their beliefs. They feel allowing same sex marriage will make a mockery out of what is a tradition that goes back thousands of years. They view it as just one more attack on the church in their attempt to completely remove religion not only from being present in government but in society period.

For me personally I like to look at same sex marriage using the tool the left uses to defend itself against those who believe in God. Science. Whenever someone attempts to teach the word of God, the left is always quick to say how scientifically it’s not possible. Mayor Bloomberg just the other day giving a speech to the CDC made an interesting statement when he said, “we respect science. We base policy not on what we think is true, but what we can prove is true”. Now he wasn’t referring to same sex marriage but it will help prove my point.

The purpose of life since day one whether created by God or chance is for us as humans or even animals to reproduce. It’s not to own a home, get a good job or watch movies. These are things that have occurred as side effects of our existence. Using the mayor’s own words “what we can prove is true” is that as humans we cannot reproduce as homosexuals. If we were all gay life would cease to exist. This is why marriage is and should always be meant as a union between a man and a woman. In the words of Anchorman Ron Burgundy, “It’s science”.

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