Monday, July 03, 2006

Hey New Jersey, don’t blame Republicans:

It appears our neighbors across the river are unable to get their act together. Currently the state of New Jersey is in shutdown mode with everything from their Lottery system to government agencies closing. Thanks to infighting in the state between Democrats, who control the whole darn thing, Governor Corzine was forced to start closing down the state because of an inability to spend money without a budget resolution.

You have to wonder if those New Jersey residents will ever learn. The state was a mess before the voters finally threw their hands up and voted for Republican Christine Todd Whitman who ran the state great for eight years for them to only turn around and vote for a Democrat again. A Democrat, Jim McGreevey, who was forced to resign after he revealed he had an affair with a male state employee.

You would think after that voters would run back to letting Republicans run their affairs. No! Instead they vote in tax rising Corzine who has now shut down the state. Maybe next time they’ll finally not worry about voting on issues like abortion and the Iraq war that mean a hill of beans when it comes to running a state and instead vote for someone who can actually do the job.

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